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California Hispanic Alliance

This is a non partisan organization.

Not connected to any political party.



California Hispanic Alliance


The California Hispanic Alliance was developed to provide information and

advocacy for individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout California,

who share mutual goals and objectives.

Based on the belief that all who strive to work hard and provide a positive

environment should have their efforts respected and rewarded.

Their ability to prosper as a result of their labor and sacrifices shall not be

hindered by misguided policies and practices imposed by uninformed or

misinformed individuals, elected officials or departments.

The California Hispanic Alliance is a non -partisan, inclusive organization

dedicated to informing, educating, and mobilizing individuals and groups for the

benefit of those seeking fair and just treatment of their businesses or


Action Plan

California Hispanic Alliance-1 (1)


From the local government to the state legislature there is a disconnect between politicians and bureaucrats and those impacted by their laws and policies. The unwillingness to consider

the real life impact their actions will have on businesses over their agendas must be addressed.

This can only be successfully addressed by an informed and mobilized community of small business owners.


Legislation enhancing control over the schools, students, parents, and curriculum by State Legislators has expanded at an alarming and detrimental rate. Removing or restricting Parents from the education process in order to further an agenda must be stopped. 
This can only be accomplished by enhancing the knowledge of parents about the laws, courses and agenda being advanced in the school system.

Once informed, mobilization at the local and state level must be supported with resources to achieve the most impact.


The use of this issue to further other agendas has proven to be detrimental to not only business and consumers, but the environment efforts as well. 

Under the banner of environmental concerns and efforts to mitigate the negative impact, major business practices have been adopted.

These practices were entered into without concern for those impacted both as a business or as a customer. Without sound evidence the practice or policy will achieve the stated goal, long standing business were lost. Customers who relied on them found themselves forced to engage companies selected by politically chosen entities and at a greater cost with no improvement in


Providing knowledge of the practices, the parties involved, and the consequences is lacking and must be expanded.

Public Safety

No matter the community, the degree of danger has not been greater. From property crime to violent crime, all communities have seen a rise in crime. With resources being reduced and law enforcement under constant assault both verbally and physically, the situation has reached the crisis level.

Light must be shown on these failed policies and those who place criminals above victims. Resources must be allocated to provide the tools needed to provide a safer community

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